Firebrand Nordic
The time to be great starts right now

We helped Firebrand inspire greatness with a compelling story and an engaging online experience. Firebrand is one of the world’s top 20 training businesses. Since its launch in 2001, the company has grown at an incredible rate and has trained and certified thousands of students through its Accelerated Learning methodology.


Brand strategy
Concept development
Information architecture
User experience


Brand strategy
Marketing communication
Digital media

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When the Nordic branch of the company broke free from the rest of the business, the partners decided to renew the way the business communicates and engages with audiences in the Nordic markets.

We were brought in to help Firebrand define a belief and a set of values that support and strengthen the company's unique positioning. Following a phase of exploration, we defined their value proposition, buildt a brand platform and formulated a clear brand story, a meaningful promise and a distinct and engaging online presence. Through the 'Firebrand Experience', we helped the company tell a story of mindset, journey and achievements of outstanding results.   

Core belief
We helped Fireband discover and formulate their core belief: The future belongs to those who are ready for it. This became an emotional and convincing outset for the company to talk about their unique Accelerated Learning methodology, not as the fastest way to the goal, but rather as a mindset that compels Firebrand to stay relevant and a journey that will get customers further faster.

Core story & promise
Based on the core belief and the points of difference characterised in the brand platform, we formulated an emotional and engaging core brand story and a bold promise to customers and employees. The story describes Firebrand's ambition to inspire greatness by paving the way for outstanding results, improving minds and changing lives, and promising that the time to be great starts right now.

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