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With a new brand strategy, GEA had to unify its online presence consolidating 200+ websites into a one-site solution. The aim was to convert the complex mix of industries, technologies, products and services into an intuitive user experience. It involved developing an online brand foundation, content strategy and taxonomy; a UI and visual universe; and a change management plan. The solution features a responsive design giving audiences effortless access to the world of GEA across all devices.


Digital strategy
Content strategy
Information architecture
User experience


Brand strategy
Corporate communication
Marketing communication
Digital media

GEA page 1

GEA on page 1


Better leads and higher conversion

Since the launch of the site, iterations and refinements to the contact and signup form has led to a 60% increase in conversion.

GEA on page 2

Illustrating 'Answers to essential'

For the TechnologyTalks section, we created infographics to bring perspective to GEA's solutions - to demonstrate how they optimize production and generate a positive impact on the world.

GEA page 2