Revitalizing an old lady

Holmegaard is Denmark's most renowned producers of glassware. In 1825, Countess Henriette Danneskiold-Samsøe established Holmegaard with the philosophy that every Dane should have a beautiful drinking glass. Ever since then, Holmegaard has set design and industry standards. Today, as then, Holmegaard engages leading designers to create modern and functional glassware.


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Holmegaard is an established brand within lifestyle products. Nine out of ten Danes own a Holmegaard product. For the past 10 years, the brand has experienced declining sales and an aging brand perception. The new brand needed to assert the leadership position and revitalize its connection with the consumer.


We supported Holmegaard in developing a new brand strategy celebrating the legacy without letting the past define the brand. The pivot point was taken from brand surveys and internal interviews. It was clear that the brand should target a younger audience. A new strategy was needed to project the strong, emotional quality and Nordic design values present in the products. Therefore, the key objective was to transform an old fashioned brand and to grasp the sparkle in the products. To turn an occasional usage of the products to an everyday experience without losing the high-end design and quality feeling.


Holmegaard's communication platform is the brand itself. The red logo square became transparent. The legacy is reflected in the red line. The transparent and golden scheme enhances the reworked logo. These elements portray Holmegaard as an authentic, fresh and personal brand. The photography is a striking feature; capturing moments of use.

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Award winning

We are a proud winner of a Rebrand 100® Distinction Award for our work in transforming the Holmegaard brand.

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Desired products

Over the years we have created a number of print adverts published in leading Scandinavian lifestyle magazines.


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Nordic design values

Our visual approach was about celebrating the legacy without letting the past define the brand. The new visual strategy projects the strong, emotional quality and Nordic design values that are essential to Holmegaard.

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Creating a brand experience 

The total identity package included brand, packaging, advertising from the smallest stickers to silk paper wrapping.