Kay Bojesen
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Few products are more beloved than Kay Bojesen’s wooden animals. Created from the designer’s conviction that objects should radiate life, warmth and heart, Kay Bojesen’s figures have delighted children and adults alike since the 1950s.


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The new brand needed to delight both collectors and children of all ages as well as respect the humanity, warmth and vibrancy that Bojesen's work itself expresses. As Bojesen said: "The lines of a design must always smile."

Research showed that the existing identity, featuring jungle motifs, looked dated, bleak and overly grown up in sharp contrast to the Kay Bojesen mentality.

This gave rise to the 'celebrating the child within' concept, adopting a broader and more spirited approach that recognizes the products' universal appeal.

The new identity allows for a consistent, Scandinavian and yet playful brand with striking imagery showing new angles of the animals. Colors are few but bright and illustrative patterns used throughout the identity reflect the nature of each product. The result is a more appropriate experience in stores and on the packaging in which the animals are 'resting' until unpackaged.

One practical consideration was ensuring that the redesigned logo could be branded into the feet of the figures, as is traditional for Kay Bojesen and a recognizable sign of authenticity.

Rosendahl Design Group experienced a significant increase in demand since the introduction of the new identity and, partly because the animals are still handmade, production cannot keep up with orders.

This shows the continuing appeal and charm of Bojesen's work, which is now backed by a clear brand statement and presentation that speaks to a broader audience.

Retailer feedback has also been very positive, both for the reintroduced products and the simplicity, playfulness and effectiveness of the brand positioning.

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Award winning

We are the proud winners of a Rebrand 100® Distinction Award for our efforts in repositioning the Kay Bojesen brand. The award is the highest recognition for excellence in brand repositioning and ReBrand 100® is the most respected global program of its kind.

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Scandinavian and playful

Our rebrand of Rosendahl Design Group's Kay Bojesen range combines playful imagery, bright colors and illustrative patterns to create a warm and vibrant new expression for this Scandinavian brand.

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New family members

Kay Bojesen was a productive man designing more than 15 wooden animals during the 1930s and 1950s. Whenever Rosendahl Design Group reintroduces an animal, we create the packaging and launch adverts.

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Customized typography

The Kay Bojesen logotype is designed with inspiration from typefaces used on his orginal woodwork, silverware and drawings.